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Plawhatch Ln
United Kingdom

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The Sheep

We have fifty breeding ewes at the farm. Our main flock is Lleyn. Llleyn's are well suited to Plaw Hatch being a lowland breed that lambs easily and happily outdoors and who have a very good mothering instinct. We are gradually breeding our own ewe lambs to replace the older ewes in the flock. We also recently purchased a Jacob ram our first JacobxLleyn lambs will be born in Spring 2017. The Jacobs brown and white fleece is very attractive and can be bleneded with the  Lleyns very white wool to make lovely greys and browns.

We do not routinely use wormers or treat with antibiotics. However when sheep are unwell we will use a whole range of treatments homeopathic, conventional and herbal.

The sheep at Plaw Hatch live outdoors all year round. In the winter they are on the main farm tidying up the grassland after the cows have moved into the barns. They lamb at the farm in one of the close fields in mid-April. In mid-June they are sheared and moved with their lambs off the farm for the summer to allow the dairy cows all the grass on the main farm.

Our lambs are not docked or castrated. As the ram lambs are not castrated they need to be separated from the ewes and ewe lambs at around four months old to avoid any unwanted pregnancies. The ewe lambs are usually weaned a little later. The ewes then have time to rest and recover from feeding their lambs before the ram is put in in mid - November.

The lambs are brought back to the farm to eat up the clover, grass and chicory left by the cows before they are sent off between late October and January.

Our sheep live a very peaceful life. We handle them gently and they spend most of their lives in the field grazing and resting and living out their lives with the rest of the flock.