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Volunteers and Apprentices

volunteers and apprentices


We always have a variety of volunteers at Plaw Hatch they mainly help in the garden or on the farm but may be found helping in the dairy or butchery. They are able to learn a huge variety of things, depending on the time of year and their interests, from horticultural skills, to car mechanics and the ins and outs of feeding pigs and chickens. 

Long term Volunteers

Volunteers who live on site in Plum Tree House are required to come for a minimum of three months, be over 18 years old and have a driving licence. If you are interested in applying please email a cv and covering letter to Nir at:

Short term volunteers

We have some short term volunteers who live off site for the most part these volunteers do valuable work in the garden. We also take vet students and agricultural students on placements. 

apprentices and trainees

We currently have a garden apprentice taking part in the BDA apprenticeship program and a garden trainee.