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Plawhatch Ln
United Kingdom

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Growing grain at Plaw Hatch Farm is a big challenge.The first reason is that we are on the edge of the Ashdown Forest our land would love to be woods. The farmers task is to treat the land very carefully, feed it lots of compost and not expect too much of it. We do have land over at Chailey and East Grinstead that is, in places, much more productive. At Plaw Hatch we have a 6 year ley followed by two years grain and on the better soils we have a 4 year ley followed by 4 years grain.

Our cultivation philosophy is to do as little as possible to disturb the soil life but enough to create the right seedbed for the up and coming seeds to be drilled. Our home-made Biodynamic preparations are applied to the soils and growing crops to harmonise their existence within the landscape of the farm. The grain is used mostly at this stage to feed our farm animals but we are looking to grow more for you to eat. Our aim is to grow enough cereals so as to bed down our animals from home grown straw which is where you come in to eat bread, biscuits , cakes and much more.