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Plawhatch Ln
United Kingdom

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The Cows

The main focus on the farm is the dairy herd. We have 35 MRI (Meuse Rhine Issel) cattle, with a few cross Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Montbeliard. We are a closed herd and all the ladies were born on the farm: mothers, daughters, nieces and grand-daughters. The oldest currently is Diamond who is 13 years old. MRI cows have amazing horns and a temperament suited for our traditional farming. As our soils get too wet in the winter months, they are content to stay in the barns for 6 months of the year, though they do get a bit restless as Spring starts to creep in. They have lots of space and access to the yard outside which is very healthy for them. We cut our own hay and silage during the summer to keep them well fed in the barns (they consume an astronomical amount). During milking they are each given a scoopful of our home grown oats and some seaweed. It's not that they necessarily need it (concentrates in general unnaturally increases milk yield, which we discourage); it's just a great treat for them. Each year we artificially inseminate some cows with MRI semen to breed replacement heifers of which we keep about 6 a year. We run a Sussex bull (Winston) with the herd, a very docile breed, indigenous with excellent beef.