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Tablehurst Farm

Tablehurst Farm is a 280ha farm lying just a few minutes walk from the centre of Forest Row in East Sussex. It has been farmed biodynamically for nearly 40 years, and part of the Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Co-operative since 1995. In recent years, the farm enterprise has grown, giving rise to the need for more land, and Tablehurst now rents a variety of parcels of land in and around Forest Row, resulting in a total area farmed in excess of 500 acres. These include Springhill and Kidbrook Farms and land at Brambletye, Michael Hall and Puckden in Kent.

Tablehurst is primarily a meat enterprise, rearing beef cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, all of which are slaughtered locally (on the farm in the case of the poultry) and sold through the farm shop.