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Plawhatch Ln
United Kingdom

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The Chickens

No farm is complete without poultry. We have about 380 laying hens. They are housed in 5 different groups of free-range pasture, each with their own house and cockerel. The hens get a fresh patch of grass every month to give them plenty of greens to peck and to keep down any pests that would otherwise build up. Small flocks and regular fresh land keeps the vet at bay. Should the girls need medical attention we use homeopathic remedies. The hens are fed on home-grown wheat, barley & oats and organic (gmo free) layers pellets. Every morning they get rolled oats and whey from the dairy. We buy the hens in as day old chicks and rear them ourselves from there. Our delicious eggs are sold through the farm shop and come in fresh daily.