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The Dairy

The dairy (creamery) is very reliant on the seasons, the weather and most importantly on the rhythm of the cows. Two to three months before calving (which happens in Spring and Autumn) the cows are 'dried off' (i.e. not milked). This means that out of a small herd, a lot less milk is available for processing at certain times of the year. We have enough to supply milk to the shop, yoghurt and some cream. During the "flush" months we are processing about 2000 litres a week into cheese. The taste of the milk is affected by the diet of the cows, so the taste differs whether they are on grass, silage or hay. Our long standing customers are used to this, it's all part of being part of the rhythm of the seasons and traditional farming.


Being biodynamic it is important for us to have cattle with horns.

With the exception of yoghurt, all our produce is unpasteurised. Unfortunately the very process of making yoghurt requires the milk to be heated above 70oC. We try to produce fruit for yoghurt on the farm, and freeze the summer surplus. Where we can't produce the fruit ourselves we try to source biodynamic and organic fruit locally.

The facilities are modern enough to meet environmental health standards, but the processes are based on traditional techniques and it is very 'hands on' as the tasks are quite small and varied.

We pride ourselves on providing quite an extensive range of produce from what is a very 'small' herd.

Our produce includes:

Milk: whole and semi-skimmed (unpasteurised)

Cream: single, whipping, double (unpasteurised)

Pot-set, live, plain yoghurt: full fat and low fat

Fruit yoghurts (seasonal): strawberry, raspberry, damson, rhubarb & ginger, apple & spice

Drinking yoghurts (seasonal): e.g. strawberry & vanilla, raspberry & cranberry, elderflower & lime, rhubarb & ginger, gooseberry & apple

Greek-style yoghurts: plain, vanilla, creamy apple, choc pot

Soft cheese: plain and seasonal herbs

Cheddar: mild, mature, extra mature and vintage

Dutchman (Gouda-type, semi-soft): plain, pepper, cumin

Cow's milk halloumi